Job Career Focused Digital Marketing Course

Learning anything without a goal is as useless as not being focused. Our digital marketing course is designed only for those who want to learn and apply it.

Our four-month digital marketing course will prepare you for a career in digital marketing. Whether it’s a job as a digital marketer at a corporate or starting your own business. In addition to 4 months of practical training, the course also includes a free internship of 3 months.

The recorded class videos and lifetime support will help you to resolve any problem you face during your working & practical period.

Take advantage of this opportunity and enroll today!

BDT 18,000

BDT 15,000/-

Course Details

Module: Beginner Friendly

Course Duration: 4 Months

Internship : 3 Months

Local Job Guidelines

Lifetime Support

Industry Expert Mentor

Main Topics of Course

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Google Ads

Website Optimization

Content Creation

Email Marketing

Career as Digital Marketer

  • Lucrative salary and benefits
  • You’ll have a choice of employers
  • You’ll have plenty of opportunities for advancement
  • Working for yourself is also an option
  • You can use your existing skills to get thigs done
  • You can also use your creativity
  • You’ll be able to work remotely
  • You’ll finally be able to balance work and life


Job Career Focused Digital Marketing Course

• Introduction
• What is digital Marketing
• Who can do this course?
• What is the future of Digital Marketing?

• Facebook Page Creation
• Eye Catching Profile & Cover photo Upload
• Username Creation & URL Customization
• Create Call to Action Button
• Add Description & additional Information.
• Facebook Business Manager

• Types of Facebook Ads
• Advanced Audience Targeting

• Facebook Pixel Setup
• Standard Events & Custom Events
• Re-Targeting, Re-Marketing

• ROAS Bidding Conversion Campaign
• Facebook Shop & Commerce Manager

• Create Business Account from Scratch
• Connect your IG with FB business page
• Account Optimization
• Instagram SEO
• Market Research

• Content Master Plan
• Caption & copywriting
• Hashtag Research All about IG Insight
• Business Suite & Creator Studio Walkthrough
• Facebook and Instagram Shop
• Paid Advertising Walkthrough

• What’s App Business Account Creation
• Connect What’s App with Facebook.
• Create Catalog

• Account Setup
• Business Page
• Content Master Plan & Potential Connect finding
• Growth Strategy
• Paid Advertising Walkthrough

• Account Creation & Optimization
• Complete Guide to Hashtags
• Why & How to Retweet
• Twitter Growth Strategy
• Twitter automation using Tweet Push
• Tweet deck for Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts
• Twitter Analytics & Paid Advertising

• Account Setup & Optimization
• Pinterest SEO
• Attractive Pin Creation
• Pinterest Boards
• Automate Using Pin flux
• Analytics & Paid Advertising Walkthrough

• Search engines and how they work
• Crawling, indexing, and ranking
• SERP Layout
• Google Ranking Factors

• Understanding the Keyword Intended
• Google trends
• Keywords picking parameters
• Keywords Matrix/MAP
• Keyword Research Reporting.
• Easiest Way To Research Keywords
• KGR – Keyword Golden Ratio

• SEO Title Optimization
• URL Optimization
• Meta tag (Description) Optimization
• Image ALT tag Optimization
• H1, H2, H3 TAGS Optimization
• Keywords density, Manipulation
• Content Optimization

• Schema markup
• Google Analytics,
• Webmaster tools
• Bing webmaster tools
• Robot.txt
• Sitemap.XML

• Profile backlinks
• Blog comment backlinks
• Forum posting Backlinks
• Social bookmarking

• Website audit
• Competitor general analysis
• Competitor On site analysis
• Competitor backlink analysis

• About Content Writing
• Types of Content Writing
• Blog Writing
• Web Content Writing
• Copywriting
• Ghost Writing
• Email Writing
• Script Writing
• Social Media Writing
• Creative Writing
• Technical Writing
• Academic Writing
• Basic Grammar for Content Writer
• Basic Writing Guideline

• SEO Friendly Content Writing Requirements
• Importance of a Catchy title
• How to choose a catchy title
• What is Meta Description & how to write
• How to place Focus Keyword & LSI Keyword
• What is Keyword Stuffing
• How to Research and Analysis for Content Writing

• Content Optimization with
• Proofreading
• Content Audit
• Rewriting
• How to check plagiarism
• How to increase Readability Score
• Content Ranking Factors

• Why is image important for writers
• Copyright image vs. copyright-free image.
• Various sources for copyright-free images.
• Use Canva for a copyright-free image
• How to optimize an image
• How to do image SEO

• What is Local SEO?
• Difference Between SEO & Local SEO?
• Why you need Local SEO?

• How to determine if your business is already listed?
• Add your business to google
• Google’s Guidelines for listing on Google My Business
• GMB optimization & Verification
• The importance of Google Reviews
• The quickest & Easiest way to get review

Google Search Console add and Verification
• Google Analytics Basics

• Google Ads Account
• Types of Ads Account
• Google Ads Account Structure
• Create a Google Ads Account
• Google Ads Account Setting
• Getting Ready Google Ads Campaign

• Campaign
• Understanding Ads Network
• Time Scheduling & Management
• About Google Dynamic Ads
• Location Targeting & Management
• Language Targeting & Management
• Demographic Targeting & Management
• Google Ads Audience in Details

• Bidding Strategy & Best Practice
• Ads Extensions in Details
• Structuring Ad Groups like a Pro
• Keywords: The Heartbeat of Account
• Ads: That Communicate with Audience
• Utilization of Tracking URL
• Understanding ads performance .

• Email Marketing Platform

Email Marketing Campaign Process

• SMS Marketing Process

Course Fees

The course fee is 15,000 (twenty-four thousand taka) which can be paid in a total of three (03) installments.

Payment Methods

Special Offer

5+ Students can get up to 80% scholarship. Do you want to get this offer?


M. Towfiqul Arafat

Towfiqul Arafat is a digital marketing strategist with 8+ years of experience in the industry.