The Story of Warriors BD

WarriorsBD was founded in 2018 by marketing industry pioneer M Towfiqul Arafat. We dreamed of bringing applied education at an affordable cost to the mass population. The local workforce will be able to meet global skill demand by learning modern digital skills while being empowered with the tools to break traditional career barriers. 
In Bangladesh, we launched many online courses on digital marketing named Premium Membership Batch from 2020. The motto of our institution is to provide students with a platform where they can achieve superior results. As a way to develop talent, we share knowledge, provide support in learning techniques, cooperate on international standard projects, and make our youth successful freelancers, thus reducing inequalities. Our expert mentors always try to give their best effort to learners.
That’s why we are now the most trusted Digital Marketing institute in Bangladesh. Here we make digital warriors who want to build their careers in Digital Marketing. We have the largest Digital Marketing Group in Bangladesh called Digital Marketing: We are Digital Warriors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support marketers towards the achievement of their learning ambitions so they are able to realize their full potential. Our Digital Marketing Training Objective is for developing skilled manpower for the local and global job market through Training & Assessment. The purpose of our mission is to demonstrate that there is a reliable pathway to earning. As long as you follow all our processes and strategies, you should be able to succeed in the local market & freelance. Even a beginner can quickly understand our lessons which are of high quality.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote human potential by providing  Digital Marketing training for skill development that is accessible to any age or gender with high earning potential.  We believe in spreading knowledge to others.