Full-stack Digital Marketing Training Course in Bangladesh

This Digital Marketing Training Course in Bangladesh Objective is for developing skilled manpower for the local and global job market through Training & Assessment under Bangladesh National Qualification Framework (BNQF) to achieve the goals of SDG.

BDT 24,000

BDT 18,000/-

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Module: NTVQF Standard

Course Duration: 6 Months

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About This Course

Digital Marketing is a fast-growing field in Bangladesh. Consequently, Warriors BD, a leading Digital Marketing Training center, aims to provide the support needed by those who wish to take advantage of this opportunity.
We offer Digital Marketing Training Course that will help you learn how to build an effective marketing strategy that will elevate your skill and business.

First Ever National Certified Digital Marketing Training Course in Bangladesh

Being in the first position is always very exciting and special. You will be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing as well as generate a positive career growth plan from this Digital Marketing Training Course in Bangladesh.

We have covered all aspects of digital marketing in our course to help you understand market behavior and formulate a productive strategy. Upon completing this program, you will also receive a Digital Marketing Associate Certificate from Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB).


The Journey Of Digital Marketing Training

Digital marketing offers a wide range of career opportunities. The digital marketing field offers both traditional jobs and freelancing. Because of the ongoing growth of digital users, digital marketers are highly sought after by global brands. To boost their brand awareness and sales, every business needs digital marketers, no matter how big or small.

The successful completion of our course allows anyone to work in this booming field. Digital marketing is the top career choice for regular and freelancing workers.

What is WordPress?
Why is WordPress Important?
Find a Perfect Domain Name

Install WordPress Site from cPanel
Essential Setup After Installation
Install a Perfect Theme

What is Plugin?
Install & Setup All of the Essential Plugins

What is a Blog Site?
What Do You Need to Design a Blog Site?
Design a Professional Blog

Do You Need a Portfolio Site?
How Can a Portfolio Site Help You?
Start Building a Portfolio Site

Can You Provide a Website Design Service?
What You Need from Your Clients to Get Started?
Building a Stunning Business or Company Site

Create a “About Us” Page for Your Site
Create a “Contact Me/Us” Page w/ WPForms
Create a “Privacy Policy” Page
eCommerce Website Creation
Create a “Affiliate Disclosure” Page (optional)

Fonts Library
Best WordPress Themes Resources
Best WordPress Plugins Resources
Helpful Blog List for Designer

What is Content
Types of Content
What is Content Marketing
What is Content Writing
Content Writer Requirement & Basic Skill
Content Writer’s Portfolio
Content Writing scopes
Alternative Career

Types of Content Writing
Blog Writing
Web Content Writing
Ghost Writing
Email Writing
Script Writing
Social Media Writing
Creative Writing
Technical Writing
Academic Writing
Basic Grammar for Content Writer
Basic Writing Guideline

Why SEO Important for Content Writers
What is Niche
What is Keyword
Importance of Keyword & Niche
Find Niche and Content Idea
What is Focus Keyword & LSI Keyword
Importance of Focus Keyword & LSI Keyword
How to generate keywords for free

SEO Friendly Content Writing Requirements
Importance of a Catchy title
How to choose a catchy title
What is Meta Description & how to write
How to place Focus Keyword & LSI Keyword
What is Keyword Stuffing
How to Research and Analysis for Content Writing

Content Planning & Structure
Competitor analysis
How to write a blog article
Types of Affiliate Content
Informative Article
How to write a product review article

Content Optimization with Frase.io
Content Audit
How to check plagiarism
How to increase Readability Score
Content Ranking Factors

Why is image important for writers
Copyright image vs. copyright-free image.
Various sources for copyright-free images.
Use Canva for a copyright-free image
How to optimize an image
How to do image SEO

What is Copywriting
Copywriting using AIDA Model
Copywriting vs. Content Writing
Copywriting Tips
Copywriting Format
Copywriting Scopes
Final Q&A session

Search engines and how they work
Crawling, indexing, and ranking
SERP Layout
Google Ranking Factors

Understanding the Keyword Intended
Google trends
Keywords picking parameters
Keywords Matrix/MAP
Keyword Research Reporting.
Easiest Way To Research Keywords
KGR – Keyword Golden Ratio

Title Optimization
URL Optimization
Meta tag (Description) Optimization
Image ALT tag Optimization
H1, H2, H3 TAGS Optimization
Keywords density, Manipulation
Content Optimization

Schema markup
Google Analytics, Webmaster tools
Bing webmaster tools

Profile backlinks
Blog comment backlinks
Forum posting Backlinks
Social bookmarking

Website audit
Competitor general analysis
Competitor On site analysis
Competitor backlink analysis

Responsive Websites
Page speed, AMP & PWAs
User Experience Focus

Google Analytics
Marketplace job facility
Online Earning way
Pitching Local client

Understanding Facebook Ads
Facebook Business Manager

Types of Facebook Ads
Advanced Audience Targeting

Facebook Pixel Setup With Gtm
Standard Events & Custom Events
Dynamic Purchase Tracking

ROAS Bidding Conversion Campaign
Facebook Shop & Commerce Manager

Facebook Conversion API or Server-side tracking
How to setup Facebook Conversion API or Pixel on Shopify site using GTM-Server

How to setup Facebook Conversion API or Pixel on WordPress site using GTM-Server
How to setup Facebook Conversion API or Pixel on any PHP site including WordPress, Laravel using
Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Tag Manager

Understanding Google Tag Manager
Install Google Tag Manager on Shopify

Setup Data Layer on Shopify Checkout page for purchase tracking
Setup Facebook Purchase event with dynamic value tracking
How to setup Facebook Ads Remarketing tag on Shopify

What is Google Ads?
Why Google Ads Important
How Google Ads Works?
How Much Google Ads Are Effective for Business Owners?
Career Opportunity as Google Ads Expert?
How to Learn in an Easy & Perfect Way?

Google Ads Account
Types of Ads Account
Google Ads Account Structure
Create a Google Ads Account
Google Ads Account Setting
Getting Ready Google Ads Campaign

Understanding Ads Network
Time Scheduling & Management
About Google Dynamic Ads
Location Targeting & Management
Language Targeting & Management
Demographic Targeting & Management
Google Ads Audience in Details
Bidding Strategy & Best Practice
Ads Extensions in Details
Structuring Ad Groups like a Pro
Keywords: The Heartbeat of Account
Ads: That Communicate with Audience
Utilization of Tracking URL
Understanding ads performance

Display Ads: Ads through the web
Remarketing – Why remarketing?
Custom Audience
Video Ads on YouTube & Across the Web
Ads for YouTube Video Views
Recommendation & Optimization Score
Incredible Impact Auction Insight
The Mystery of Negative Keywords
Expanding and Refining Campaigns
Drafts, Experiment & Ads Variation

Planning & Getting ready for Search Ads
Let’s Go: Campaign Setting
Next Step: Set Up Ad Groups
Next Step: Create Ads

Planning & Getting ready for Search Ads
Let’s Go: Campaign Setting
Next Step: Budget and bidding
Next Step: Create Ads

My $100,000 learning curve
Industry benchmarking data
How to get certified as Google Ads Expert
Blogs, YouTube channels, Industry expert you should follow
Get free access of $1000 resources free: template, cheat sheet & others

Fiverr: Gigs creation tutorials & sells secrets
Upwork: How to approve account with killer cover letter writing tips
Facebook Jobs: How make your profile ready & get jobs from Facebook
LinkedIn: The secrets client acquisition/jobs source professionals
Personal Branding: How to promote your service with your website
Networking with Industry Expert: Keep urslf Motivated, up to date & be fearless about future

Create Business Account from Scratch
Connect your IG with FB business page
Account Optimization
Instagram SEO
Market Research

Content Master Plan
Caption & copywriting
Hashtag Research
All about IG Insight
Business Suite & Creator Studio Walkthrough
Facebook and Instagram Shop
Paid Advertising Walkthrough

Type of Account on LinkedIn
Account Setup
Business Page
Content Master Plan
Potential Connect finding
Growth Strategy
Paid Advertising Walkthrough

Why Pinterest
Best Niche
Pinterest Personal vs Business Account
Account Setup and Optimization
Pinterest SEO

Content Master Plan
Attractive Pin Creation
Pinterest Boards
Automate Using Pinflux
Paid Advertising Walkthrough

Account Creation
Account Optimization
Complete Guide to Hashtags
Why & How to Retweet
Following Potential People
Twitter Growth Strategy
Twitter automation using TweetPush
Tweetdeck for Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts
Twitter Analytics
Paid Advertising Walkthrough

30 days of Content Creation Challenge
Content Calendar Creation
Brand Building Walkthrough
Portfolio Creation

Job in Marketplace
Get Client from Outside of Marketplace
Audit ( Assessment)
Let’s Stay Connected and Grow Together

Who's this for?

This Digital Marketing Program is aimed at

  • Those in traditional marketing careers who are looking to update their skillset.

  • Those passionate about building a successful Digital Marketing Career

  • Owners and entrepreneurs of small businesses

  • Anyone hoping to implement an up to date digital strategy for their company.

  • For those who need to develop and use a digital marketing plan for their company

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Definitely no! But you need to decide, what direction to choose for start. You need just a laptop and a strong dedication mind set to learn Digital Marketing.

All our online classes will be taken through Zoom/Google Meet.

Our digital marketing certifications are recognized globally. Digital marketing certifications will enrich your CV since you get this Government certificate from BTEB.

Digital Marketing is a fast growing field in Bangladesh. If you want to Change your career or kick-start a career in digital marketing with govt. Certificate you should take this course.

You can Contact us via Phone, Facebook or Email. If you have any query feel free to contact us.

We apologize for this issue. You will need to pay in full in advance.

This is a live class, but if you miss a class you can take a look at the record. Moreover, our classes are 3 days a week. This Digital Marketing training session is conducted via live instructor interaction.

No prerequisites are required for the Digital Marketing training. The Digital Marketing course does not require programming knowledge as it is not fully technical.

The Digital Marketing Course is open to any age group as it is not restricted to a specific age group. Those want to earn money from the 1st day this training isn’t for them.

You will get 6 months enhanced support from our mentors. You can asked your any questions during live sessions. Don’t worry, We have dedicated support team also.

We will record the same session, and you will have access to watch, recap any missed sessions.

Yes you can earn but we don’t give any guarantee how much you can earn. It is depend on your skills.

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